SAS Provides Public Security Solutions

Mounting data housed in numerouslocations, shrinking budgets andstretched resources can hindergovernment agencies from effectively utilising and managingall available information to proactively maintain public safety.

Tarih: Issue 34 - May 2012

From local level law enforcement through to national security and border management, SAS has been enabling public security organisations to address such challenges. SAS? world leading public security solutions make sense of information by combining leading business analytics software and services with intelligence management, investigation, data fusion and search technologies. This enables our customers to optimise available resources by prioritising and responding to threats ? both strategically and in real-time ? in an automated, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Industry Solutions

National Security
Every country has a number of intelligence organisations focused on homeland security ? security of their foreign interests, counter terrorism and crime prevention. Irrespective of the makeup and design of these organisations, their challenge is clear: to convert data and intelligence into actionable information and to ensure that data is available to those who require it without compromising its security and integrity.

A reduction in threats to a country cannot be realised without a national security infrastructure that enables data to be collected, fused and converted into intelligence before being analysed and disseminated in a timely manner.

SAS is the world leader in providing this complete capability through our domain-specific solutions.

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies globally are under pressure to achieve efficiencies by achieving more with less. The current economic climate means many agencies have to cope with budget cuts and reorganisation whilst delivering
an equal if not higher level of service to their customers. SAS offers a complete end to end law enforcement solution from intelligence and case management through to custody, property and prosecution phases of an investigation, enabling agencies to address these new challenges whilst optimising operational law enforcement needs.

Fusion Center
A Fusion Center is a terrorism prevention and response centre that enables information sharing between multiple agencies working to deter threats. The concept is now spreading across the globe as a vital front line resource in the fight against terror.

The SAS® Fusion Center solution helps prevent and disrupt criminal activity through the generation of strategic, tactical and investigatory insight looking across a vast number of data sources and types. Furthermore, utilising a highspeed federated search approach, combined with powerful data management capabilities, a real-time single view of the suspect can be achieved without compromising civil liberties.

Border Management
With international travel being commonplace, securing a country?s borders from multiple and diverse threats becomes increasingly challenging. An effective border management solution enables the seamless information flow between stakeholders, facilitating movement of legitimate travellers whilst identifying and risk-assessing the undesirable. SAS offers a secure and integrated solution that facilitates and strengthens the existing security infrastructure through collaboration, automation and complex risk profiling, deployed both strategically and operationally.

SAS® Public Security Framework

The SAS® Public Security Framework provides industry leading software to related agencies around the world. SAS
is the only software vendor to offer a completely integrated platform of solutions, keeping implementation costs down whilst still allowing for the delivery of a tailored solution that fits the customer?s local and specific needs. The solutions are based on a multi-vectored approach to obtaining and sharing information. This enables the querying and storing of information at multiple levels, from creating Single Person Record profiles from multiple sources to identifying patterns across disparate data sources and types.

Key Benefits
? Reliable, strategic, tactical and operational insight.
? Optimise resources through operational efficiencies and intelligence-led resource deployment decisions.
? Faster identification, prioritization and mitigation of new and changing threats.
? Revelation of vital intelligence links, patterns and sequences
? Earlier identification and prioritization of threats and suspicious activity
? Improved interagency and intergovernmental information sharing.
? Increased safety and reduced risk for personnel in the field
? Enhanced community engagement
? Transparency and accountability that meets the expectations of government agencies and citizens
? A modular approach built on an iIntegrated platform means low entry costs and low risk deployment.
 SAS® Facts
? SAS technology is used in more than 160 Public Security organisations in over 80 countries
? SAS Fusion Centre solution is used more widely than any other vendor?s solution

The SAS® Difference
? A single and extensible enterprise framework. Unlike niche providers, SAS is the only vendor that offers an integrated platform of capabilities that supports strategic, tactical and operational activities:
? Data management to manage and fuse a deluge of data. SAS is the only vendor to offer a comprehensive environment combining data integration, data quality and master data management capabilities together with a scalability to analyse petabytes of data from any source.
? An unsurpassed offering of advanced analytics and visualistion capabilities, enabling agencies to identify and
understand threats, develop necessary response strategies and optimize resources.
? An intelligence management suite that makes actionable intelligence a part of every decision.
? Domain expertise. SAS provides not only a world leading solution but also the approach and subject-matter expertise to effectively address mission critical challenges in the broad public security arena.

In Summary
SAS® Public Security solutions are designed to be customisable to reflect local organisational, legislative and jurisdictional requirements. They automate and streamline activities as well as reduce an agency?s dependence on IT to generate information, freeing up users to work on higher value activities.

They also help to identify threats earlier, prioritising them to ensure the most effective use of resources.