SDT Offers Next Generation Air Combat Training Solutions!

Issue 60

Air combat training is amongst the most crucial training needs of air forces around the world as it is one of the key factors providing improved combat readiness.

Since 2005, SDT finds Military Simulation and Training (MS&T) a strategic application area for its products and technologies. Having accomplished successful deliveries to Turkish Armed Forces, the company has gone through major developments in terms of its organization, processes and infrastructure towards the implementation of specific product lines to satisfy both local and foreign customer needs. 

SDT, having a proven background in military electronics, avionics, simulation and training technologies, is now offering next generation air combat training solutions to its domestic and international customers based on previous experiences and contemporary technologies.

SDT’s ACMI System is one of the next generation air combat training solutions.

SDT’s ACMI System

In the scope of a recent programme that SDT-TAI partnership was awarded last year by Turkish Ministry of Defence (MoD), SDT is developing and producing Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) pods to TuAF together with its operating ground stations (mission planning, live monitoring, post-mission analysis) and ground antennas. 

Major capabilities of SDT’s ACMI System are as follows;

  • High number of participants support
  • High capacity and long range data link communications
  • Encryption in data communications and recording
  • Autonomous time-space-position-information (TSPI)
  • A/A, A/G, G/A and EW combat training capabilities 
  • Real-time weapon/CM/ECM simulation
  • Real-Time Kill Notifications (RTKN) and safety warnings
  • No-Drop Weapon Scoring (NDWS)
  • High fidelity simulations
  • Integrated mission planning
  • Real-time live monitoring
  • Live and post-mission interoperability
  • 2D/3D visualisation and GIS capabilities in ground stations

The system will extend user’s “Live” training capabilities and be an important step towards the achievement of Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) training objectives with its promising properties in terms of range, capacity, security and interoperability.

Before ACMI System development, Embedded Simulation System (ESS) program for fighter aircraft was SDT’s first involvement in air combat training system development back in 2007, which was successfully completed and delivered to Turkish Air Forces (TuAF). In particular to the fighter ESS, SDT developed high fidelity models of aircraft systems (Radar, RWR, CM/ECM, Missiles) and CGF simulations. The system required full Operational Flight Program (OFP) integration via data buses (MIL-STD-1553) and went through several ground and flight tests. The systems satisfied a number of real-time performance requirements considering the participation of “Virtual/Constructive” elements into the “Live” training platform and environment. 

While the first development and deliveries of ACMI system are intended for F-16 aircraft with a full integration through MIL-STD-1553 buses, the system is mountable and usable on other fighter aircrafts thanks to its “autonomous” TSPI capability. Besides, SDT has started to work on different packaging options to make the system compatible to rotary wing platforms as well as eastern non-NATO aircrafts.

As one of the important solution partners in the Turkish defence industry so far, SDT is now more willing than ever to work with international customers and partners the in air combat training arena, based on its regarded experience, products and infrastructure enabling successful MS&T solutions and deliveries.