SDT Space & Defence Technologies: A Reliable Technology Partner in Selected Vertical Expertis

Issue 46

Space & Defence Technologies Inc’s (SDT) is a privately owned Turkish company operating in Turkish defense sector and conducting high technology software and hardware development & system production. SDT’s operation is run according to internationally accepted engineering, quality assurance, configuration management and program management standards like ISO 9001:2008, IEEE 12207, IEEE 1220, MIL-STD-498 and MIL-ST-973, PMI handbook and various other internationally recognized standards. 

SDT is specialized in certain areas like Radar-EW signal processing, image processing/pattern recognition, embedded software/systems, satellite technologies and related simulation & modeling systems and has a variety of products in these areas. SDT is very well recognized by SSM (Undersecretariat For Turkish Defense Industries) and also a full member of SASAD (Association of Turkish Defense Industries) of Turkey. Currently, SDT has some ongoing development contracts directly with SSM and some of SDT’s ongoing development and production contracts are with the main system integrator Turkish companies, namely TAI, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN and FNSS.