SDV Horoz offers Tailor -made and Competitive Solutions in the Defence Logistics

Defence Turkey:SDV Horoz is a joint venture between two giant companies; Turkey’s logistics leader, Horoz Logistics, and the globally renowned French logistics company SDV International Logistics. Could you please tell us about y

Tarih: Issue 31 - December 2011

Defence Turkey:What are the core services and activity lines of SDV Horoz?

SDV Horoz has handled large quantities of import shipping from the Far East and Europe and export shipping to Europe since its foundation, and has continued its growth in the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East since 2009. Thanks to its consistent growth since its establishment in 2000, SDV Horoz has a freight forwarding volume of 115,000 teu a year by sea, 5,000 tons a year by air, and 65,000 containers a year of domestic land freight.

Through expert logistics solutions developed together with its partner SDV Logistics, the company has registered major improvements in services provided for sectors such as aerospace and the defence industry that require specific logistics solutions, and sectors such as energy, construction, petroleum and mining requiring project cargo forwarding services.

SDV Horoz provides specific solutions for defence industry customers by integrating the experience of SDV Logistics, a leading organisation in global defence industry logistics, and Horoz Logistics’ 70-year logistic experience in Turkey. It is also a highly efficient provider of specialist solutions to sectors such as project cargo forwarding, space and aviation, petroleum and gas.
Defence Turkey:Could you enlighten us about your services in defence logistics?

Defence industry-oriented SDV Horoz logistic products are designed to meet the all logistic requirements of government and private defence companies and can be employed in all relevant areas, from land vehicles to air and sea vehicles, and from munitions to space technology.

SDV Horoz adopts a personalized and adaptable approach to each project. Strict safety and security regulations require a reliable partner, whether this relates to handling sensitive and complex operational requirements or involvement in different industry sectors, such as aerospace, security or naval and land forces.

As a global expert company in the logistics industry, SDV Horoz guarantees adaptable solutions in a complex international environment.

SDV Horoz offers tailor-made solutions to manufacturers in the defence industry, with a high level of expertise, a wide range of value-added services and a network of experts skilled in the sector’s supply chain in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, on the American continent and of course in Africa, where the group has more than 20,000 employees.

Our Range of Defence & Security Services includes;

- International air & sea transportation and domestic transportation
- Chartering, sensitive procedures, aircraft on ground management (24/7/365)
- Customs management and regulatory compliance for defence materials
- Inventory management, open/covered storage & warehousing
- Specific packaging
- Supply and repair items order management
- Quality control
- Project management
- Diplomatic bag
- Lead logistics provider
- Real time track & trace
- Implementation of export compliance processes
- Transportation of explosives
Defence Turkey:In terms of military services, how would you evaluate the improvements in your company? What are your goals and strategies?

Our mission is to transport goods to the right place, on time and at the right price, with an environmentally responsible approach, and we put customer satisfaction at the heart of our ongoing improvements. In today’s fast moving commercial environment, manufacturers, importers and exporters in general consider high performance logistics an essential way to gain and maintain competitive advantage. Our three key driving forces to ensure this high performance are integrated processes, coordinated players and the total traceability of operations.

I think this is what the defence forces and the defence industry look for from a logistics company. To this end, we opened a new office for defence and security services early this year in Ankara, where the bulk of the Turkish defence sector is located. We intend to increase our 3000 m2 storage capacity in Ankara as soon as possible.

SDV Horoz attaches great importance to developing fruitful cooperation with companies and institutions in the defence and security field, and is keen to provide specific solutions to them with high quality service and reasonable and competitive prices.
Defence Turkey:Could you tell us about your clients in the defence field and the achievements made with these clients?

We have already established close ties and collaboration with all major players in the defence and security field through our high quality service and expertise. Furthermore, we have made considerable efforts to improve conditions, which in turn will allow us the opportunity to offer more competitive prices. We also take the necessary steps to obtain facility security clearance certificates which are prerequisites for participation in some Ministry of Defence tenders.

We plan to expand our client portfolio by including more international customers. To achieve this, we aim to offer our services to the United Nations and NATO in the field of defence logistics. SDV Horoz is a registered vendor of the UN, NAMSA and US CCR (Central Contractor Registration).

Defence Turkey:Could you please tell us about your new logistic concepts and R&D activities to meet new military challenges?

The Horoz vision requires us to select and realize “best of breed” solutions in every business area where we operate. Horoz runs specialized third party solutions, such as SAP for its financial management and Mantis LV3 for warehouse management systems. We also rely on our assets to build our own applications in-house, especially when we are not fully satisfied with the existing third party capabilities.

HONEST is one example of this demanding nature, where years of corporate experience and skills have been crafted to develop our software platform. This WEB-based platform has been developed using Microsoft.NET, C# and Oracle database infrastructure. HONEST is the operational backbone for all foreign and domestic transport activities that provide real-time track-trace and reporting capabilities. It interlinks company processes and also integrates all “best of breed” applications across the company.

Horoz customers can exchange data, create links to their business processes or monitor transactions through HONEST using various interfaces and methods. Our experiences in running and integrating third party applications have also helped us develop B2B integration services with our customers.

In addition to mainstream business software, we make extensive use of GPRS and mobile technologies, RF/barcode solutions, advanced network management and security tools. We also use Air@ne which was developed by SDV International Logistics, as an ITV (In Transit Visibility) system to track cargo door-to-door.

The Horoz IT team monitors technological advancements and regularly improves our corporate IT infrastructure. Our objective is to enhance value, reduce our risks and guarantee business continuity by exercising sophisticated IT governance principles.
Defence Turkey:Would you like to add any last message for our readers?

I would like to take this opportunity to further emphasize that SDV Horoz offers tailor-made and competitive solutions to all the players in the defence and security industry.

SDV Horoz is recognized as a global expert and reliable partner in this sector as a result of wide experience gained from working closely with the major players in the defence and security industry, which represents a major competitive advantage for our customers. Our team of highly experienced individuals specialize in coordinating end-to-end solutions, allowing us to respond to routine logistical challenges as well as urgent matters in theatres of operations.