Second 100-Day Action Plan - A Total of 52 Critical Projects to be Realized in the Defence Industry

Tarih: Issue 89 - January 2019

Following the first 100-day action plan announced in August 2018 after the general elections, President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN unveiled the Second 100-Day Action Plan on 13 December 2018. In the new action plan consisting of 454 projects; a total of 52 projects are planned to be implemented to boost the defence industry.

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Vice President Fuat OKTAY, and some ministers were also present at the program held at the Beştepe National Congress and Culture Center that introduced the activities and projects to be realized in the second 100-day period.

President ERDOĞAN made a speech at the program, giving examples from the results of the 100-day Action Program announced on 3 August and shared information about the activities and projects to be realized in the second 100 days.

ERDOĞAN emphasizing that they have achieved fulfillment performance as high as 97 percent in the first 100-day action program, successfully having completed 340 of 400 projects in the program. He provided examples from the projects realized and those to be realized within the Presidency of Defence Industries.

President ERDOĞAN stated that in the last 100-day period, test-fires of the HİSAR Air Defence Missile System were carried out, the ALTAY MBT engine and transmission system development project was started, and the number of indigenous unmanned aerial vehicles was raised from 52 to 58. He also announced that improved ATAK-II project and the 5th ship of the MİLGEM-I class frigate project contracts will be signed and the construction activities at the 7th Main Jet Base for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will be completed.

ERDOĞAN: “We Prepare Turkey’s Intellectual Property Strategy in the New Era”

President ERDOĞAN stated that the Ministry of National Defence would strengthen cooperation with institutions such as Aselsan, Turkish Aerospace, and Havelsan in order to train qualified manpower needed by the defence industry, and announced that with HGM-KÜRE and HGM-ATLAS applications, the first domestic and national map display system will be available and the acceptance procedures of the TCG Dolunay and TCG Doğanay submarines, equipped with nationally produced integrated submarine combat management system, will be completed.

President ERDOĞAN also mentioned that in the 100-day period, via the Ministry of Industry and Technology, 165 million TL in support was provided to new entrepreneurs in the fields of advanced technologies for domestic and national production.  He noted the successfull completion of the tests of the first national laser weapon system, and that the production of IP crypto device prototype has commenced. President ERDOĞAN also shared the following information: “We prepare Turkey’s intellectual property strategy in this new era. We have made the first call under the international leading research program and finalized the applications. We established the Turkey open-source platform, to strengthen the open-source software ecosystem. We provided 274 million TL in support to SMEs, especially technology and manufacturing sectors for domestic and national production.”

In the second 100-day action plan shared with the public by the Presidency, 52 critical defence industry projects are planned to be implemented within 100 days. Projects to be carried out under the responsibility of the Presidency of Defence Industries are as follows;

Establishing the administrative structure of the Laser Excellence Center, determining the program model for the development of the Laser Weapon System,

Identifying the existing capabilities for the development of the Electromagnetic Rail-gun and conducting competency analysis, determining the work share and program model according to the identified capabilities,

The signing of the Advanced ATAK Project contract,

Identifying the contractors and sub-system configurations, such as the compressor, combustion chamber, gas generator, and power turbine of the turbo-shaft engine developed for ATAK and indigenous helicopter, 

Delivery of 2 helicopters under the T129 ATAK Reconnaissance and Tactical Attack Helicopter Project.,

The signing of a contract within the scope of 20mm Cannon Development Project, finalizing the work share for the development activities and determining the development calendar,

Finalizing the conceptual design of transmission (gear box and drive train) within the scope of the National Power-Pack UTKU project developed for Armored Vehicles,

Starting the development of National Active Electronically Scanned Phased Array Radar (AESA Nose Radar) for F-16 Aircraft,

The signing of critical subsystem contracts including power-pack within the scope of ALTAY MBT serial production project,

The signing of MILGEM-I Class Frigate (5th vessel) contract,

Within the scope of FIRAT-M60T project, increasing the M60T numbers to 146 with the modernization of 7 tanks,

The signing a contract for 415 additional precision-guided Stand-Off Missile (SOM) to be added into inventory,

Within the scope of the BORA Weapon System and the BORA missile project, conclusion of the final delivery acceptance process,

Conducting Acceptance tests within the scope of Multi-functional Phased Array (ÇAFRAD) Phase-I project, installation of the system and performing fire tests with guided missiles using the system,

The signing of the contract for Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles Project,

Delivery of 255 vehicles in different types within the scope of Armored Vehicle projects,

Starting the delivery of the unmanned land vehicles initiated in light/medium class in parallel with the design process and field tests,

Initiating a tender for unmanned land vehicles project initiated in heavy class, performing demonstration tests in order to obtain user feedback in line with existing abilities and capabilities

The signing of the 360-Degree Situational Awareness System Procurement Project contract,

The signing of the AKINCI UAV project,

Delivery of 5 additional Tactical UAV (BAYRAKTAR TB2),

Delivery of 2 additional UCAV (ANKA-S),

Launching the Drone Swarm Technology Development and Demonstration Project,

The signing of the UAV and Reconnaissance/Surveillance systems Joint Coordination Center (MİKOM) project,

Initiating the Micro Satellite Launch System Development Project contract activities to project timeline, work share and subcontractor distribution,

Awarding of the contract of the combined multi-mini satellite development project,

Initiating the development of Surface-to-surface Medium Range Cruise Missile,

Within the scope of UMTAS project, delivery of 200 Mini Smart Munitions,

Initiating the serial production activities within the scope of the Surface-to-surface Anti-Ship Guided Missile (ATMACA) project,

Delivery of at least 60 additional Precision Guidance Kits of various types,

Launching a development project to modernize the weapons already in use by artillery and mortar units and provide GPS (Global Positioning System) guidance capability to ammunitions in order to increase hit probability,

Additional system installations in 28 provinces/regions within the scope of City Security Management System and License Plate Recognition System Project, and in 221 schools under the scope of the Safe School Package project, also the delivery of 100 Mobile License Plate Recognition System to Turkish National Police,

Finishing the installation of 3 forward operating bases within the scope of the Modular Forward Operating Base Project and increasing the total number of FOBs to 32,

Signing of the contract for the New Generation Basic Trainer Aircraft (HÜRKUŞ-B) simulator (HÜRSİM) project,

Delivery of at least 18,000 indigenous and domestic METE Pistols,

Awarding of the contract for more than 40,000 additional MPT-76 National Modern Infantry Rifles,

Delivery of 125 rifle-like Anti-Drone/Mini-UAV RF Jammer system and the signing of the EGM (Turkish Police) Vehicle and Back-pack Type Jammer System Procurement Project contract,

Signing the Electronic Circuit-based IED Detection and Disarmament Project which provides high power microwave technology to detect and defeat IEDs,

Finalizing the critical design within the scope of Emergency Response and Diving Training Boat Procurement Project,

Starting the deliveries of the Fast Patrol Boat,

Completing the construction activities at the 7th Main Jet Base for the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) Project,

Feasibility studies for the Regional Positioning and Timing System,

Within the scope of development of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies, evaluation of 117 SAGA applications and signing of contracts,

Within the scope of ÇINAR project, signing of the contract to convert the 4.5G network into 5G,

Within the scope of National Base Station Development (ULAK) project, live network transition and product launch,

Development of Microorganism-based Explosive Detection and Identification Technologies, concluding the Technology Acquisition Obligation project,

Completing the system integration tests at the laboratory level in the data link (KEMENT) development project which will enable post-launch guidance of the national ammunition,

Preparing the cyber security training, testing, qualification and structuring roadmap,

Evaluation of the feasibility study for the establishment of a Ground Vehicle Test Center,

Within the scope of The Industrial Competency Assessment Project (EYDEP), evaluation of 30 domestic companies and increase the number of supported companies to more than 110,

Conducting defence industry cooperation meetings in at least three regions and signing of memoranda of understanding in order to create export and cooperation opportunities to defence industry companies, coordination of the SSB with national participation in the activities to be held in two countries.