Selex ES Cyber Security team Successfully Receives Galileo PRS IOV Signal

Issue 45 - August 2013

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has successfully proved itself able to work with the secure signal radiated by Galileo satellites. Just days after the European Space Agency (ESA) made available the keys to “open” the encrypted Galileo PRS (Public Regulated Service), the PRS receiver “Cartesio”, fully developed by Selex ES, proved to work successfully.

Selex ES Cyber Security team achieved the first navigation solution using only the encrypted Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) signals, with a positioning accuracy compliant to the specification. The use of the PRS signal is restricted to EU and other authorized countries government agencies and critical infrastructures. Anti-spoofing and interference rejection capabilities are PRS main features, due to the very sophisticated signal processing and high-grade encryption techniques.