Selex ES; Partnering to Fight Modern Cyber Threats

Tarih: Issue 48 - January 2014 Güncelleme: January 10, 2014

Over the past few years, cyber threats and attacks around the world have become more effective and increasingly widespread, with state organisations and international corporations falling victim. At a more subtly damaging level, in addition to those high profile cyber-attacks which end up being reported in the media there are potentially thousands of other cybercrime incidents which go unreported or, more worryingly, unnoticed across businesses and organisations of all sizes.

But cyber security isn’t just about fighting threats – there are opportunities too. GCHQ’s Jonathan Hoyle asserted that “as a nation seeking economic advantage, we will also achieve a significant boost to our prosperity if we can position the UK as a nation of choice for consulting business in cyberspace and a cyber-centre of excellence for skills, technology and knowledge”, sending a clear message about the UK’s objective to be the world leader on cyber security. It’s an aspiration that Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company and one of the world’s leading information assurance and cyber security specialists, fully supports. Selex ES has the objective to not only ensure the cyberspace is a global example of information assurance best practice, but from this security base, drive prosperity and improve the lives of individuals and communities.