SELEX Galileo in the ATAK TEAM to develop the T129 Programme

SELEX Galileo,

Issue 17 - June 2009

The design and development of the AVMS is at its final phase and the first prototype is foreseen to be integrated into the T129 rig by mid 2009. The contract includes the delivery of 7 AVMS prototypes followed by the production of 48 shipsets in the period 2011-2016.

SELEX Galileo is a key player in the market of Aircraft and Mission Management Computers both for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. SELEX Galileo have also recently collaborated with AgustaWestland to provide an improved AMMC Computers for the Merlin version of the AW101 Helicopter; in the past SELEX Galileo has developed and still produce tailored equipment for the NH90 helicopter (i.e. Plant management Computer and Mission Tactical Computer) while since the 80’s SELEX Galileo has designed and produced the Aircraft and Mission Management Computers for the AW101 helicopters including the new refurbished computers for the US101 version.

The AVMS is based on a high safety redundant architecture able to provide the whole system functionalities without any discontinuity also in case of a loss of one computer due to possible electrical fault or damage due to other causes (i.e. bullet hits during aircraft operation) The AVMS Software is another peculiar aspect of the System since it provides a virtual interface of the HW to the customer Application Program.

The AVMS Software is developed in compliance with the most recent guidelines (Do178B and Do254) in order to assure a design at high safety level.

The AVMS ship set is composed by two AMMC computers plus a provision for adding a Removable Data Storing Unit (RDSU) together with a dedicated Equipment SW library. Such SW library provides the main Applicative SW with a set of basic functionalities like health monitoring, deterministic scheduler, redundancy manager in addition to the virtualized layer of all the I/O interfaces.

In March 2007 the AgustaWestland AW129 was selected to meet the Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter (ATAK) requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command and the related contract was signed in September 2007. In accordance to the agreement, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) is the prime contractor while AgustaWestland and Aselsan are sub contractors. Moreover, additional leading Turkish aerospace companies are also being involved in the programme with significant industrial benefits for Turkey, including local final assembly, delivery and acceptance of the aircraft. The partners have formed the ATAK TEAM to develop the T129.