SEMPROCONX19 Conference Held in Ankara

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

SemproConX19 was held on November 18-19, 2019 at Bilkent Hotel in Ankara.  The focus of the conference was on achieving a successful product life cycle in the digital world.  The conference hosted over 200 participants from 53 companies and was organized by Sempro Consulting and Engineering, which provides consultancy services and training to the all sector on the new generation product management method CM2 used by the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies, including Turkey’s leading defense and aerospace companies.

Participants in the 2-day conference had the opportunity to listen to experienced specialists from various companies such as IpX, Roketsan, ASML, Nurol Machinery, FNSS, TÜBİTAK-Sage, Taos Certification, Configit, TEI, CIMdata, Aselsan, Esen Sistem, Arçelik, Sub-Zero and Havelsan on their application processes in their organizations, as well as hear their success stories, lessons learned and forecasts. Speakers drew attention to the contribution of the CM2 method to product management, and the capabilities it provides in integrity, traceability and quality improvement in the management of products and processes. Also emphasized was the fact that that CM2 provides effective and practical solutions for the inevitable elements that digital transformation requires for success.  Thanks to the features of the CM2 methodology it will be a guide for transformation necessary in an ever evolving dynamic and digital business environment.  

Panelists shared their views and answered questions from participants in three separate panels organized under the topics of “The Importance of Configuration Management in Companies”, “How Product Management of the Future Should Be” and the “Contribution of CM2 Methodology to Digital Transformation”. 

During the conference, companies in the booth area exhibited their products and solutions to participants with and held informative meetings.

In an eloquent speech, Semiha YAŞAR, the founder of SEMPRO, extended her thanks to all speakers and panelists who supported SemproConX19 and to all participants for their interest in the conference. YAŞAR: “As you all know, the world is constantly changing and transforming. Terms such as Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation have started to be used widely. As in other parts of the world, many conferences, meetings and workshops on digitalization are also being held in our country and the best practices and to-do’s on digital transformation are discussed on a sectoral basis. The exact key lies in the answers to the following questions ‘For whom do we do it, what do we do and how do we do it’. If the processes are insufficient to meet the requirements and are not properly defined and used, achieving digital transformation is not possible. At this point, we believe that CM2 provides a solution and we consider it very critical for achieving success on the way to digital transformation.”

Following the conference which was supported by Dassault Systemes, Upchain, Arge PLM, FNSS, Techvisor, Forte Arge, Havelsan, MSI and Defence Turkey Magazine, a 3-day CM2 and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) training and a 1-day workshop were conducted.