SenseNode by Genetlab

Performing activities in defense industry and homeland security fields, GenetLab Information Technologies exhibited the SenseNode, which is the first locally produced wireless sensor, and homeland security systems developed through high technolog

Issue 17 - June 2009

TEDAS (Sensor Network System for Intrusion Detection) designed for intrusion detection along the perimeter of important facilities, TADAS (Tactical Sensor Network System) that can sense various ambient conditions, BODAS (Sensor Network System for Pipeline Security) that can detect and localize threats against the safety and security of pipelines, S-SADAS (Fixed Underwater Sensor Network), a military underwater surveillance system which is able to detect and classify underwater mines, divers, underwater vehicles and underwater transitions with thousands of nodes deployed to ports or little gulfs need to be protected constantly, G-SADAS (Mobile Underwater Sensor Network), the mobile version of S-SADAS and designed to provide temporary underwater security in areas like ports, gulfs and strait entrances or much wider and deep waters and SenseBoat, which is the component of this sytem and first unmanned marine vehicle have attracted great attention of the participants.

Hosting primarily the Commender of the Turkish Armed Forces General ?lker BA?BU?, Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mr. Murad BAYAR and lots of visitors in IDEF 2009, GenetLab has had the opportunity to establish connections for business partnerships and project developments with several public and private institutions within the country, and with civil and military organizations especially from Middle Eastern countries, Russia, Germany, Chile, Spain, Italy, USA, UK, India, China and Japan.