Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER Team Begins Final Assembly of Second Aircraft

Sikorsky Aircraft  announced the start of final assembly of the second S-97 RAIDER helicopter at the company’s Development Flight Center.

Tarih: Issue 59 - March 2015

Along with a team of industry suppliers, Sikorsky is developing two RAIDER prototypes to demonstrate the revolutionary new capabilities in improved maneuverability and flight speed. The RAIDER is a rigid coaxial rotor prototype aircraft ideally suited for armed reconnaissance and a spectrum of special operations missions.

“Our teammates on the RAIDER program have been answering our challenge to deliver a military helicopter with capabilities never seen before,” said Mark Hammond, S-97 RAIDER Program Manager. “As a team, we’ve already demonstrated the power of working together to develop a high-performance and affordable next-generation aircraft.  Starting assembly of the second prototype is a great milestone for the program.”