Simulator Training Center Reduced Flight Training Costs

The Simulator Training Center opened at the 2nd Main Jet Base Group Command in Çiğ

Tarih: Issue 59 - March 2015

A sum of 30.000 hours of flight training has been accomplished at the simulator center within this 1-year-period with these 10 simulators. 21.000 hours of training have been achieved with KT-1T simulator and 9.000 hours with the T-38 simulator. Although 83 sorties were required for the completion of a pilot’s training on K1-1T Flight Training prior to the simulator training, the number of sorties that are prerequisites of the KT-1T Basic Flight Training were lowered to 69 from 83 with the trainings offered using these KT-1T full mission flight simulators. Thus, through the reduction of aforementioned 14 sorties, approximately 110.000 USD is saved from each pilot’s training. Before the establishment of this center, 83 sorties that have to be executed for the accomplishment of KT-1T basic flight training of a pilot cost Air Forces Command around 660.000 USD. With the launch of K1-1T full mission flight simulators, Turkish Air Forces is expected to save 33,5 million USD in a year. Almost 300 pilot candidates graduate from the KT-1T pilot training of Turkish Air Forces each year.

Costs of the T-38M Advanced Jet Flight Training Reduced as well