SIMUNITION® is the Leader in Non-Lethal Force-on-Force, Short Range Training

Issue 91 - May 2019

Since 1992, SIMUNITION® has been the pioneer and world leader in providing military and law enforcement members with the most realistic non-lethal training system for Reality Based Training.

 The original idea for the SIMUNITION® product range can be traced back to the late 1980’s. Following a training accident that resulted in the death of an Operator from a Tier 1 Counter Terrorism Unit, Bill Dietrich and David Luxton decided that there must be a better and safer way for elite Operators to train for the high-risk operations they were tasked to complete.

 After a few years of continuous research and development, the first SIMUNITION® 9mm FX and .38 FX marking cartridges were released to the market. With safety as a primary focus, SIMUNITION® Protective Equipment was designed to ensure that End Users where safe from incurring any significant or serious injuries when using SIMUNITION® Products.

 SIMUNITION® Conversion Kits were also developed in an ingenious way to convert real firearms to only fire the newly designed SIMUNITION® ammunition while at the same time preventing ‘live lethal’ ammunition from being fired. The first firearm conversion kits that were developed were for the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub machine gun and Browning Hi-Power and Beretta 92FS pistols. At the time these were the standard issue firearms for the Counter Terrorism Units that SIMUNITION® was originally intended for. 

 The early success and adoption of SIMUNITION® by the world’s elite Counter Terrorism Units resulted in new conversion kits having to be rapidly developed for an ever-expanding list of firearms. The standard use of optics, weapon lights and lasers also resulted in the need for a SIMUNITION® 5.56 FX cartridge to be developed.

In 2003, SIMUNITION® introduced its 5.56 FX marking cartridges to an eagerly awaiting list of customers. The SIMUNITION® 5.56 cartridges also resulted in a range of new Conversion Kits being developed as ‘drop-in bolts’ that simply replaced the factory bolt carrier group and allowed End Users to use the optics, lights and lasers that they had mounted on their rifles. 

The design of the SIMUNITION® 5.56 cartridges and the ‘drop-in bolt’ conversion kits also met the strict SIMUNITION® safety standards and were designed to prevent ‘live lethal’ ammunition from being fired in a rifle that was fitted with a SIMUNITION® ‘drop-in bolt’ conversion kit.  

In 2007, SIMUNITION® introduced its range of SecuriBlank Loud ammunition that was designed to replace the use of conventional blank ammunition in most training activities. The SecuriBlank Loud ammunition worked with SIMUNITION® Conversion Kits and therefore prevented an End User from being able to fire ‘live lethal’ ammunition in their firearm with a SIMUNITION® Conversion Kit installed. This meant that End Users no longer had to use a ‘live firearm’ in the training area to fire blank ammunition, significantly increasing the safety of End Users undergoing training.

In 2013, SIMUNITION® introduced another type of SecuriBlank ammunition called SecuriBlank Quiet. This ammunition was designed to ensure there was no discharge from the muzzle of the firearm and that the only noise being generated was the sound of the firearm cycling. As there was no discharge from the muzzle, SecuriBlank Quiet ammunition revolutionized the way instructors could teach close quarter defensive tactics or basic firearms training, including techniques and manipulations, in a classroom environment.  

SIMUNITION® continues to innovate and adapt to customer requirements and later this year SIMUNITION® will be releasing a new product called SecuriBlank Extra Loud. The new Extra Loud range of blank ammunition will be louder than the current SecuriBlank Loud range of ammunition and will provide End Users of the SIMUNITION® Training System with increased versatility.   

SIMUNITION®’s Sole Turkish Distributors, since 1999, ALA Uluslarası, are exhibiting at IDEF 2019 and will be on hand to answer attendee’s questions about the full SIMUNITION® product range.