SinerjiTürk Platform aims to expand its activities under a new foundation structure

Mr. Gülhan, first of all would you please provide us with information on the SinerjiTürk platform? As you know, as a result of globalization a cutthroat competition is taking

Issue 21

. SinerjiTürk after its first conference in 2008, in its second SinerjiTürk Defence Conference gathered officials from the defence industry, academia and the government. How do you assess the second conference? In relation to the first conference what were the successes achieved?

SinerjiTürk’s first activity in 2008 on defence aerospace was in fact a very successful event. About 52 % of the participants were director generals and higher officials. Such a gathering with high level participation is important by itself. However, we attach importance to this level of participation in two ways. First, we see such a high level of participation in very few sectors and activities which are due to the defence sector, the Minister of National Defence, the Undersecretary for Defence Industry and Turkish defence establishments that have backed us and that have given importance to the results. The second reason is that it is important to bring together decision makers at every possible level in order to create synergy. In this respect participation by high level officials is important.

At this point I would like to present the distribution of participants to the S?NERJ?TÜRK DEFENCE 2010 conference with this graph. This event had 229 participants of which approximately 49% were director generals or higher officials. In other words, that one out of two participants was general directors or higher officials is a factor in the decision taking in participatory meetings on cooperation that we wanted to achieve.

Those who provided support in SinerjiTürk Defence 2010 compared to the previous year increased by 100 percent. However, I should say that this increase is still not at the level we want. Ideally, participation from overseas should be near 50%. Obviously this will be very difficult to obtain. Having the date of the activity on the same week of each year will increase, in particular, the participation from overseas to a significant level.

The main criteria in the success of SinerjiTürk’s activities will doubtless be the number of cooperations that are formed and this cooperation’s contribution to our country, to our company and to our professionalism.

Within this context, 11 cooperation agreements have been realized at the SinerjiTürk Defence 2008. Some of these collaborations are very large, important and its value added high. Despite this, each of one of these agreements are very important because these companies, individuals and professionals that have come together from here or from overseas are our people that have been raised in the same cultural climate. Cooperation takes place between these people that is in the interest of both parties. Examples of these cooperations are not that many outside of SinerjiTürk.

At the same time even if it has not been fully completed, 4 cooperation activities are on-going as a result of S?NERJ?TÜRK DEFENCE 2010. I hope that these meetings and activities taking place will conclude positively and will contribute to our country’s development even if it’s a small contribution.

In conclusion, S?NEJ?TÜRK DEFENCE 2010 was successfully concluded. This success is due to the very valuable contributions of the leaders in this sector. This success came about with the worthy contributions of our Minister of National Defence Mr. Vecdi Gönül, our Undersecretary for Defence Industry Mr. Murad Bayar, Co-Chairmen of the Advisory Board, Mr. ?smail Tohumcu and Prof. Dr. Banu Onaral and SSM’s valuable employees. At the same time I would like to stress that without the support of MSB, SSM, SASAD and TSKGV and ALP AVIATION, VAKIFBANK, FNSS, HAVELSAN, METEKSAN DEFENCE and KOÇ CONSULTING as sponsors this activity’s realization and success would not have been possible and I want to extend my thanks to all of them.

3. What would you like to say on the subject of targets and innovations for the next S?NERJ?TÜRK DEFENCE Conference?

SinerjiTürk at present is active in 6 sectors. We are receiving requests from various sectors to realize activities in other sectors as well. Despite this, we will stay with 6 sectors for the present time. However, we are evaluating the subject of Industrial Design for the short-term as an addition to these sectors.

Aside from Defence, Communications and Information we have our Energy activities that is completely ready. We are in contact with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on determining a timeframe. In the light of the results from the activities we have conducted thus far, we believe this activity will contribute to production based on R&D in our energy sector.

Outside of the energy sector, we are ready to start on activities involving the automotive and shipbuilding sectors which have become significant production areas in our country. I believe that these areas will draw interest and by adopting the new developments in these areas we will be able to provide important contributions in forming new technologies.

Beyond this, in contributing to a stronger Turkey, that develops technology and that becomes a center that will attract technology, we will carry our many new projects one by one. By introducing these projects, not only the lack in communications and awareness between here and overseas, but also the lack in communications and awareness here as well will be overcome.

4. You mentioned about your work in having the SinerjiTürk platform coming under a foundation at the defence conference. What are the related developments, plans and targets on this subject?
When we first mentioned about SinerjiTürk we received recommendations that it should have a legal structure, an identity. A joint view was formed that the most suitable way would be to become a foundation in terms of supervision and monitoring by the state and in terms of our guiding principles.

Our “foundation voucher” is almost ready. Within a short time we will share this voucher with all of our friends that we are communicating with and invite them to become owners of this foundation.

With the establishment of the foundation, we will immediately realize our 35 representations in 24 countries based on volunteer work. I expect our representations to reach 60-70 countries and the number of representatives to about 80-85. Aside from our country representatives, 8 regional representations will be formed which will bring together our friends for regional SinerjiTürk activities who participated at the national level. In this way we will establish the foundation for a strong cooperation at every setting and platform.

At the same time we are aiming to form an Advanced Technology Research and Strategy Center that will be attached to the Foundation which will not be active as an institute alone but which will support policy-makers, follow activities of international organizations and draws the attention of stakeholders in our country on current developments in the world.

Among one of the most important organizations that we are planning to establish is an R&D mediation company that will support joint R&D activities, simplify, inspire confidence and support two companies that plan to cooperate with each other. This company will provide scientific support to R&D activities on the one hand, and on the other hand, will play the role of a strong and reliable mediator between the two companies.

Lastly, we want to extend our thanks once again through DEFENCE TURKEY to all our friends that came from different countries and companies to our conferences and provided their support.
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