Singapore Air Force to Acquired Eurosam SAMP/T Systems

Tarih: Issue 47 - November 2013

The Republic of Singapore Armed Forces (RSAF) will be purchase the state-of-art Medium Range Air Defence Systems (SAMP/T). The Aster-30 surface-to-air missile system will replace the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s (RSAF) I-Hawk system, which has been in service for 30 years. Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has announced  that “RSAF will also be acquiring the ASTER-30 Surface-to-Air Missile System. This missile defence system against airborne threats is used by advanced militaries such as France and Italy. The ASTER-30’s capabilities are many times more potent than our current I-HAWK ground-based air defence system. The ASTER will allow us to engage multiple threats simultaneously and from a longer distance. It will complement the SPYDER, which we have already operationalised - it is a mobile, shorter-range, quick reaction ground-based air defence system - and together, they will provide a layered air defence shield, Ng Eng stated.

The RSAF will also be looking to upgrade its fighter fleet. We plan to upgrade our F-16s to modernise their avionics and extend their lifespan. Our F-15SGs were recently acquired and have proven themselves in recent multilateral military exercises with advanced Air Forces like those from the US and Australia during Exercise Cope Tiger and Exercise Pitch Black. Also, as announced at the Committee of Supply in March this year, we are evaluating the suitability of advanced multi-role F-35 Joint Strike Fighters in meeting our long-term security needs to further modernise our fighter fleet and replace our older aircraft”