SIPRI: Global Arms Sales on the Rise

Tarih: Issue 59 - March 2015

The United States has taken a firm lead as the major arms exporter bally, according to new data on international arms transfers published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on 16th March. Overall, the volume of international transfers of major conventional weapons grew by 16 per cent between 2005–2009.The six biggest exporters in 2010–14 were the USA (%31), Russia (%27), China (%5), Germany (%5), France (%5) and UK (%4). Together, they accounted for 77 percent of the volume of arms exports. Combined, the USA and Russia supplied 58 percent of all exports. and 2010–14. Top ten Arms importers in 2010–14 were India (%15), Saudi Arabia (%5), China (%5), the UAE (%4) ,Pakistan (%4),Australia (%4),Turkey (%3),United States (%3),South Korea(%3) and Singapore (%3). Aforesaid countries received 49 percent of all arms imports. 

European arms imports decreased by 36 per cent between 2005–2009 to 2010–14 and Germany’s arms exports decreased by 43 per cent between 2005–2009 and 2010–14 However; it received several large arms orders in 2014 from Middle Eastern states. Deliveries and orders for ballistic missile defence systems increased significantly in 2010–14, notably in the GCC and North East Asia.