SONGAR Armed Drone System Integrated into an Armored Vehicle for the First Time

Tarih: Issue 104 - February 2021

SONGAR, the first national armed drone system that was indigenously developed by ASISGUARD and entered the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) inventory in 2020, was integrated into an armored 4x4 vehicle for the first time. Thus, SONGAR integrated land vehicles gained significant capabilities to detect and eliminate hostile targets in advance during internal security operations or cross-border operations. 

Thanks to the SONGAR armed drone system that can operate autonomously or remotely controlled when necessary, the 4x4 armored ground vehicles can find and engage targets remotely from the air. SONGAR, which can operate both day and night in all kinds of military and security operations, will be ready to respond to any asymmetric threat 24/7 with its autonomous take-off and landing capability. 

ASISGUARD develops systems, subsystems, hardware, and software for military land vehicle electronics, autonomous drones of different classes, electro-optical (E/O) systems, border security, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis. With the integration of SONGAR, Turkey's first national armed drone system, into armored vehicles, another essential step in the product development roadmap has been completed.

SONGAR is the first national armed drone system with automatic fire stabilization, developed by ASISGUARD to be effectively used in all kinds of military and security operations, day and night. Thanks to its stabilized shooting accuracy, SONGAR has taken its place as one of the important national capabilities of asymmetric warfare. Having real-time video transmission capability, SONGAR can simultaneously perform various critical tasks such as target detection, area surveillance, threat neutralization, Post-Mission Analysis with a single or multiple drone system. 

SONGAR, the first national drone system with machine gun stabilization to enter the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, has an internationally patented stabilization system. SONGAR can be equipped with an automatic machine gun that can carry 200 5.56x45mm NATO standard ammunition. It has a mission radius of 3 km and can operate at an altitude of 2800 meters.

The easily transportable and deployable SONGAR Armed Drone System is a force multiplier as a weapon system that provides team level close air support. Its detachable magazine allows the operator to quickly reload the weapon for mission continuity. SONGAR can perform its task autonomously with multi-layered security until the operator receives permission to fire.

It has an ergonomic and user-friendly design that reduces the operator's load during tasks such as connection loss, mission change during flight, and autonomous and remote-control flight modes.


SONGAR In Military Operations

Neutralizes detected threats with rapid reaction

Protects critical military bases against terrorist infiltration

Accompanies military convoys in threat zones

Extends lethal infantry range in firefights

Provides versatility in Land, Navy and Special Operations

Technical Specifications

Operational Range: 3 km

Ammunition Capacity: 200 5.56×45mm NATO

Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW): 45 kg

Maximum Operating Altitude: MSL (Mean Sea Level) 2800m, AGL (Above Ground Level) 400m.

Max. Dimensions:

Width: 145 cm from rotor to rotor 

Height: 70 cm

Design in accordance with IP 67 standard

Pilot camera (10x zoom) and gun-mounted camera

Mission planning and remote control with Ground Control Station

Real time video transfer

Day and Night (optional) Operation

GPS and GLONASS compatible navigation capability

Video and data recording for Post-Mission Analysis

SONGAR Sub-Systems

MDP (Multirotor Drone Platform)

GSS (Gun Stabilization System)

DMMG (Drone Mounted Machine Gun)

GCS (Ground Control Station)