SONGAR Impresses with Direct Hits

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019 Güncelleme: December 23, 2019

ASISGUARD is an ambitious player in the defense sector with the success of the SONGAR and it continues to impress with new and improved capabilities.  It will be the first armed national drone system developed and produced indigenously and will soon enter the inventory the TAF Inventory. SONGAR neutralizes targets with remarkable shooting accuracy.

ASISGUARD develops systems, subsystems, hardware and software in areas such as military land vehicles electronics, autonomous micro, mini and medium range UAVs, electro-optics, border security and artificial intelligence.  The company continues to improve its impressive product SONGAR which is the first national armed drone system. SONGAR was improved by integrating a grenade launcher after the successful capability demonstrated by the automatic machine gun and has achieved an important cornerstone on its roadmap.

Turkey's first national Armed Drone System SONGAR successfully passed its first test during shooting performed on November 13, 2019 with its considerably improved electronic sight and ballistic calculation module.  It is scheduled to enter the inventory of the TAF on December 25, 2019.

Designed and developed indigenously by ASISGUARD, the “Electronic Sight and Ballistic Calculation Module” processes data obtained from embedded sensors such as laser distance meters and cameras with external environmental factors such as wind speed.

Ayhan SUNAR: “Shooting tests will continue to an altitude of 450 meters”

Stating that the Electronic Sight and Ballistic Calculation Module acts as the “Shooting Control Computer” of the SONGAR Armed Drone System, ASISGUARD General Manager Ayhan SUNAR said, “We are improving the shooting accuracy and efficiency of SONGAR with capabilities and hardware such as ballistic calculation and sight. In the first stage, the electronic sight and ballistic calculation module was tested at altitudes of 60, 100 and 150 meters. We will gradually increase the altitude in December and continue our efforts up to 450 meters. SONGAR, which is also integrated with a grenade launcher after the automatic machine gun, are successfully shooting targets detected by the Striking Micro Drone System. We are still exerting efforts on adding new capabilities to our system.”

“Until December 25, 2019, the scheduled inventory entry date, we will continue to improve the SONGAR Armed Drone System.  We achieved 3.2 MOA (Minute of Arc) shooting accuracy during the test held on November 13, 2019.  SUNAR added “In December, we will complete the target destruction work with a single-place Control Station with SWARM flight and simultaneous shooting.”