South Korea and Turkey Ready for the Next Step Turkey is planning a face-to-face meeting with South Korea in February for the ALTAY PowerPack

Organized by the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry Exporters` Association (SSI) under the auspices of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), the "Global Strategies Conference in Defense and Aerospace Industry `21" was held in Antalya between December 04-05, 2021. At the conference, the export strategies of the defense industry for the next period were discussed in panels and roundtable meetings with the participation of various ministries and sector representatives.

Tarih: Issue 111 - December 2021

According to information shared on export figures at the conference, from January to November, Turkish Defense & Aerospace Exports increased to US$ 2.8 billion and a new record was set when comparing the numbers to previous years. Additionally, the added value of defense industry exports averaged US$ 66.7 per kg in the first 11 months. According to TIM data, it was US$ 48 per kg in 2020 (the figures were down dramatically due to the pandemic) and the average was US$ 62 per kg in 2019. The export results from the first 11 months of this year indicate that Turkish Defense & Aerospace Export sales are on track to close out the year with combined Overseas Sales Revenue exceeding US$ 3.5 billion (which includes foreign exchange generating services figures in 2021; this figure was $378 million in 2019 and includes December export sales). Even in the shadow of several export license restrictions that were imposed by European countries and by the United States, Turkey has demonstrated considerable gains in exports, but undeniably these open or hidden embargoes have prevented these export figures from growing further. Nevertheless, if Turkey commissions critical key technologies over the unique platforms such as the national Main Battle Tank Engine and Transmission over the ALTAY MBT or the unique turboshaft engine over the T129 ATAK Helicopter in five years, the export figures may go beyond these numbers in the following years. As Turkey strives to become a high-profile exporter of Defense and Aerospace products in the world, building relationships with new global partners to broaden the domain and reduce development expenses will be a key area of focus in order to cultivate new opportunities for future export expansion. 

In light of these views, on the first day of the conference, the President of Defense Industries, Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR held a Q&A session about the global strategies in defense exports which were discussed with sector representatives, government institutions, and members of the exporters` assembly.  Over a period of two days various panels and roundtable meetings were conducted which were closed to the press and updated information about the Turkish defense programs was provided. The Chairman of Turkish Exporters` Assembly İsmail GÜLLE and Vice President of Defense Industries Faruk YİĞİT were also present at the meeting.