SSM – “Roboik” Unmanned and Autonomous Land Vehicles Contest

Issue 78 - November 2017

A meeting was held recently in order to give information on the “Roboik - Unmanned and Autonomous Land Vehicles Contest” and it was organized by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) with the approach that the number of unmanned and autonomous land vehicles will increase within a short term. It was held with the participation of the Undersecretary for Defense Industries Prof. İsmail Demir at SSM facilities.   

Addressing the participants at the meeting, Mr. Bilal Aktaş, the Industrialization Department Head of SSM, said that they made great efforts to establish a national infrastructure as the Undersecretariat and that they organized such contests to accelerate the nationalization process in the defense industry by revealing innovative ideas and benefiting from them. Mr. Aktaş also conveyed his thanks to the Undersecretary Prof. İsmail Demir for his leading and guiding role at every step of this contest from the idea stage to execution.