SSM’s Industrialization Department Priorities: Industrial Depth, Technological Competence and Export & Logistics Support

Mr.Bilal Aktaş,

Issue 41 - March 2013

Defence Turkey: Mr. Aktaş, first of all we would like to thank you for your time for this interview. As known, Turkey has taken significant steps during the last decade. Could you please make an evaluation for us on where we stand now and our capabilities so far?

SSM is integrative, constructive and innovative for the design of national Defence industry. For this pupose, it commits to provide best solutions by bringing the forces of stakeholders together. For the sustainability of the sector’s acquisitions, it promotes exportation; gives priority to develop cooperation with friendly and allied countries. 2012-2016 Strategic Plan is part of a holistic approach and determines the objectives within the framework of the vision and strategic objectives. Within the scope of vision to make Turkey superior in terms of defence and security technologies, below are the outstanding topics related with the defence industry: