SSM’s Role in Cyberspace as a New Field of Warfare

Dr. Faruk Özlü Deputy Undersecretary 

Issue 48 - January 2014

Cyberspace has become a new field of “warfare and security”. Our mission statement saying “assuring the continuous improvement of Turkey’s defense and security capabilities” gives us “a duty in cyberspace warfare and security”.

This duty has rooted from our strategic plan in which “gaining competence in defense and security technologies that will prepare Turkish armed forces for future combat environments” is stated.  Performing such a duty requires strong planning in which we decide what should be done in time in very detail. Making such a plan, on the other hand, requires knowledge yielded in parallel to the creation phase of collective consciousness through studies of teams constituted by the partners of the issue i.e. military and governmental agencies, defense companies, universities and other institutions.