STM Aims to be Globally Recognized Center of Excellence in Cyber Security

The Chairman of the Board of STM, Mr. Faruk Özlü shared STM’s vision and future plans in the field of Cyber Security and Defence

Tarih: Issue 56 - November 2014

Defence Turkey: First of all, we’d like to thank you for giving us this opportunity. As you know, cyber security has become to be a very important issue for nations, organizations such as NATO and individuals. Due to its ever changing nature, it is a long-term subject that requires continuous attention. We know that STM has been working on cyber security for some time now. Could you please let us know about STM vision and goals related to cyber security and defence?

As you know, a part of STM’s mission is to develop long-term solutions with national assets which entail high technology and strategically critical know-how. As a corner stone, cyber security is one of the most critical aspects that require us to reflect our company’s vision when we consider the new threats and defence requirements in Turkey. Hence, our vision in the field of cyber security is to become a globally recognized Centre of Excellence. We aim to become a solution provider and a trusted partner in the area of integrated cyber security and defence from tactical to strategic level. We also plan to establish the necessary skilled manpower in the cyber domain with R&D activities, operational services and solution development. In the light of this vision, we established a technical team which solely works on cyber security. We already conducted several feasibility studies and prototype development activities for SSM, as well as R&D projects in EU context.