STM Announced the Report on Public Security and Emergency Communication Systems

The Scope of Indigenous and Secure Communication System Expanding

Tarih: Issue 68 - June 2016 Güncelleme: June 27, 2016

STM announced the sector report it prepared on the public security and emergency communication systems in Turkey. According to the report, the systems, relating to a wide range of areas from security to health, developed by the domestic players, are becoming progressively widespread. The increase in the popularity of secure communication systems developed by domestic manufacturers in Turkey was underlined in the report as well.

“Communication Technologies are coming into the forefront as the prerequisite of rapid, effective, integrated and efficient execution of services conducted by law enforcement such as the police and gendarmerie, fire department, ambulance, search and rescue teams in order to maintain public security and emergency aid. In this report; the existing status of the communication systems which could also be named as mission critical in the world and in our country were examined” said General Manager of STM, Mr. Davut Yılmaz.