STM Debuts the Through-Wall Radar Technology

Issue 67

“STM DAR” Through-Wall Radar being developed by STM A.Ş is a portable radar system which transmits radio-frequency (RF) energy through a wall and monitors the reflected energy to detect and localize the moving and/or living targets such as humans, pets etc. inside buildings. Incorporating the new Through the Wall Radar technology radar system provides the ability to see through walls, doors and other visually opaque obstacles. “STM DAR” covers a broad range of applications that include: Hostage rescue missions, which detecting and locating the people inside the building has a critical importance, to locate the survivors pinned down inside buildings after natural disasters or any other scenario that requires entering into unsafe buildings. “STM DAR” can be used to reduce the risks of entering into an unknown dangerous environment and increase situational awareness.

“STM DAR” incorporates cutting-edge technologies and state of the art techniques. It is designed to keep operation simple and maintain the system’s lightweight and small size.  Based on strong expertise on radar technology, “STM DAR” system encompasses rich features set with seamless operation and robust design considering the special needs of Turkish security forces. “STM DAR” can provide reliable detection distances of up to 20 meters for nearly all types of wall materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, cement, plaster, brick, adobe, drywall etc. With its wide frequency bandwidth and low power emission due to UWB technology, it enables superior performance, covert operation and radiation safety. Proprietary, in-house advanced algorithms and signal processing methods are designed, developed and implemented in order to ensure the best performance in near-real time in complex environments. “STM DAR” is sensitive enough to detect a stationary, breathing person. Thus, even living targets remaining stationary can be detected. 

Because of its compact design, “STM DAR” requires no additional parts. “STM DAR” system is designed to have ergonomic features and a solid, durable case making it withstand harsh operating conditions. The operator is able to use the system on a tripod or in two-handed operation. An integrated re-chargeable battery unit enables independent operation of the system from the electrical grid and increases the practical use of the system.

The system provides wireless communications capability for remote monitoring and control in case that the operator would like to use the system from a safe distance. The user interface of the system is designed for simplicity and easy to use. An embedded, touch-screen display unit is integrated for the consideration of the end user. The embedded display of the system indicates the location and number of people and their time histories behind a wall or an obstacle.