STM Publishes Cyber Threat Report

STM’s Cyber Threat Report prepared for the period of October - November - December 2017 was published on 20 January 2018

Issue 80 - March 2018

This report published quarterly by STM covered the last quarter of 2017 and touched upon the issues such as cyber-attacks, malware, cyber vulnerabilities and cyber security infrastructure. It was stated in the report that wide spreading of ransomware emerged through various applications, that attacks towards banking and financial systems and mobile technologies increased and that threats caused by data breaches stood out more in 2017.

The report also underlined that the utilization of artificial intelligence in the area of cyber security for defense purposes would continue to increase and it was mentioned that from the perspective of the activities conducted by STM, artificial intelligence may prevent the attacks during cyber threat hunting, secure code development and test stages, thus identify and abolish vulnerabilities before they cause any harm. Moreover, the report declared that with the utilization of artificial intelligence in patch management, which has been a major problem for years, the rapid and smooth execution of operations requiring intensive effort would be enabled as well as the test procedures prior the patch and whether or not the patch would cause any problems in another application.