STM ready for cooperation with Malaysian indu

In the DSA 2008 STM exhibited its Vertical Wind Tunnel (VWT- Paratrooper Training Simulator), Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP), School Ship and Fast Amphibious Ship (LCT) in its private booth. With its flight area of 4 meter

Issue 11

MoSHIP, which is designed to perform surface and underwater rescue mission, is offered to evaluate for Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) project of Turkish Naval Forces Command .

On the other hand OPSV- 1500 designed to perform Logistic support in harbor and off- shore maritime patrol mission and Off-shore Rescue and Towing Ship, RTR-128 received great interest during DSA from Asia Pacific Counties which have heavy sea traffic.

Attracting a lot of interest with these products exhibited at DSA 2008, the STM booth saw meetings between senior STM representatives and high-ranking Malaysian delegations including the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Defense, Undersecretary of Defense, Chief of General Staff, Chief Commanders of Land and Naval Forces, Deputy Chief Commander of Land Forces, Head of Logistics for Naval Forces Command, Chief Commander of Training for Land Forces Command and Chief Commander of Special Forces; the exhibition was very fruitful in terms of creating new cooperation opportunities.