STM Released “2016 Cyber Security Threat Report”

Issue 67

STM released the “Cyber Security Threat Report” for 2016, and according to the report, cyber-attacks will continue to increase this year with new and more advanced methods. STM indicated in this crucial report that cyber threats are considered to be one of the greatest risks in the current information era. Examination of cyber threats, the assault tendencies in 2016 and the recommendations regarding countermeasures to be adopted against the attacks, are mentioned in the report in which a reemergence of cyber security is seen in the agenda following the cyber-attacks towards banks in December 2015.  According to the report, Turkey is ranked as the 9th country after USA, China, Germany, England, Brazil, Spain, Italy and France, in the list of countries which faced the most cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, as stated by the American Security Association Arbor’s report, in the second quarter of 2014, cyber-attacks declined worldwide by 68 percent while cyber-attacks against Turkey increased by six percent. 

In the “2016 Cyber Security Threat Report”, it was pointed out that maintaining the security of information and communication technologies utilized in critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, communication, water resources, agriculture, health, transportation, education and financial services were becoming a part of the national security and it was prognosticated that the cyber-attacks will most likely continue in 2016 without slowing down.