STM - The New Global Player in Defence

Issue 91 - May 2019

Making its mark on critical projects, such as projects in navigation, autonomous systems and cyber security, STM has been assuming a leading role in the defence industry by carrying the know-how acquired in line with its target of indigenous production to the international level. 

STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş is one of the most crucial players in the defence industry with its know-how and experience which spans thirty years and in line with a decree of the Defence Industry Executive Committee of 1991, it was established in order to provide consultancy to the Turkish Armed Forces and Presidency of Defence Industries and to serve in the development of critical technologies. Today, the company conducts its activities under three primary divisions: engineering, technology and consultancy with the support and guidance of the Presidency and the Presidency of Defence Industries. Developing its capabilities with the help of its know-how in engineering and experience STM has been contributing to the defence industry of our country with valuable projects mainly on areas of military navigation, autonomous systems and cyber security while executing its activities for sharing its capacities with friendly and allied nations. Actualizing its recent investments particularly in export -focused growth, by entering the list of Top 100 compiled by Defence News magazine in 2018, STM was included in the group of the world’s top 100 defence companies. 

Advanced Engineering Experiences in Military Naval Platforms

So far STM has assumed critical tasks in many projects, design, construction and modernization and detailed engineering activities for battle ship platforms. The MilGEM project is at the top of these tasks where STM seized the opportunity to benefit from the know-how and experience of the Naval Forces Command. Proceeding with the engineering experience gained through the MILGEM project, STM acted as the main contractor within the scope of the project for the modernization of the AY class submarines, again with the support of the Naval Forces Command and won the tender for the modernization of the Acosta 90B submarines of Pakistan in 2016 as part of the activities regarding the submarines. 

The Pakistani Fleet Replenishment Vessel Project was designed from scratch in line with the demands of the Pakistani Naval Forces.  It is the greatest military vessel export project accomplished in the Turkish defence sector. In the project, which was delivered in 2018, in addition to the design and equipment package, STM provided technical support to the Karachi Shipyard.  Continuing to deepen its know-how with each accomplished project, STM has built a knowledge-base in which its capabilities are increased and cultivated with each project. 

Indigenous Autonomous Systems with Advanced Technology

STM has been working toward developing critical technologies and place great importance to R&D studies. The autonomous drone systems  used for kamikaze and surveillance, developed by the engineers of STM to this end through indigenous resources, are among the indigenous defence technologies that Turkey has gained in recent years.   Known as the kamikaze by the public, the ALPAGU is the first indigenous fixed wing smart ammunition system, the KARGU is the rotary wing smart ammunition system, the mini UAV TOGAN with surveillance and reconnaissance purposes and the ALPAGU BLOCK II has continued to be developed by being equipped with more powerful features.  STM is providing outstanding tactical capabilities to be used by the Turkish Armed Forces in operations for the fight against terrorism and security operations. Positive feedback is being given regarding the KARGU which is currently included in the inventory and which used in active operations in the field. Presently STM continues, with fervent determination, its activities to gain both artificial intelligence capability and swarm capability for the autonomous system group.

Effective Solutions in Cyber Security 

In addition to manufacturing technology, STM has been making significant investments in maintaining the security of these developed platforms, cyber security stands out as a strategic area of activity for STM. Cyber security has become a critical issue for the overall security of the country and STM’s main approach in this area is the identification of the threat through intelligence activities before it emerges, or it causes a vulnerability and adopting measures accordingly. The STM Cyber Fusion Center, which is a first in Turkey, is offering Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Operations and Harmful Malware Analysis services within the aforementioned framework. With its developed infrastructure and competent staff, the company is presently providing services to numerous civil and governmental institutions.

The integrated indigenous cyber security decision support system CyDecSysTM provides services such as automatic software that analyzes threats and offers improvement methods. This software automates operations such as building network topology, vulnerability scans, classification based on risks and forming attack trees and supports the establishment of the national vulnerability database and management of cyber security procedures. CyDecSys, introduced by STM, stands out as a critical product in information technologies security and is an important complementary product in cyber security.

The Goal is to Become a Global Player

Within the Vision 2023 framework established by the Presidency, STM aims to achieve export -based growth and enter the league of 50 countries on the list of the Defence 100 in the next five years. Focusing on becoming a global player by developing projects capable of competing on an international scale, STM will be concentrating its investments for the upcoming period in the following areas: submarines and surface platforms, unmanned vehicles, cyber security and artificial intelligence.  STM also places significant importance on the building of new cooperation relations with friendly and allied countries, providing consultancy, support and training towards the establishment of required infrastructures.