Strengthening the Turkish Shipyard Industry – Adopting Strategies to Bolster Market Sustainability

Worldwide economic and political changes are impacting the global shipyard industry : an interview with Mr. Müjdat

Issue 67

Defence Turkey: Mr. Müjdat Uludağ, first of all we would like to thank you for your time.  As the Head of the Naval Platforms Department of the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM), could you please inform us on the structuring of your department, staff and on your working areas?

These interviews we make with the magazines conducting sectoral publishing such as your magazine offer us an important opportunity to reach our sector. We get the chance to convey our messages to our shipyards and other shareholders through these channels. The evaluations of the sectors’ feedback that we collect in return, these messages help us greatly in shaping the management methods of our projects.