Suppliers Gathered at Otokar Facilities

Tarih: Issue 90 - February 2019

Otokar met with its approved suppliers in a meeting held at Otokar facilities in Sakarya on 31th January. An evaluation of the previous year and expectations for 2019 were shared with participants and achievement plaques were presented in areas of Collaboration and Performance. Following the meeting, suppliers representing 21 companies visited the production facilities and test center of Otokar in Sakarya factory, which is located on an area of 552 thousand square meters.

Otokar, one of the major automotive companies in Turkey, met with high-performing suppliers to review a very successfully year end 2018.   Suppliers were invited regarding their performance in areas such as “timely supply”, “cost”, “cooperation”, “quick reaction”, “quality” and “business volume.”  Association and Performance Plaques were presented to the participants.

In the meeting where Otokar and the automotive market were evaluated, the company’s 2019 goals and expectations for the upcoming period were shared. Otokar Assistant General Manager Ali Rıza ALPTEKİN stated that Otokar successfully completed 2018 despite the economic conditions and the contraction in the market and thanked all suppliers: “We have made significant deliveries all around Turkey. We became the most preferred bus brand of Turkey for the 10th time in the segments in which we operate. Last year we accelerated our export activities and we won major bus tenders in Europe and made deliveries. In the field of the defence industry, we are moving rapidly toward becoming a global brand by starting to export technology. We consider our suppliers to be the most important business partners in achieving success. We would like to thank all of our suppliers who supported us with details such as common product development and on-time delivery by creating joint strategies in the commercial vehicle and defense industry.” ALPTEKİN stated that they aim to have a good year in 2019 as well with accurate and timely deliveries, competitive prices and the support of Otokar suppliers.

After the meeting, the suppliers visited the production facilities and test center of Otokar at the Sakarya factory.