TAI: Conquer the Change, Pioneer the Future

TAI’s Booming Aerospace Technology is gaining momentum thanks to its design and manufacturing capabilities. TAI sets new goals to rising its presence in world defence league by its indigenous  “Hürkuş”

Tarih: Issue 62 - June 2015

Defence Turkey: Mr. Muharrem  Dörtkaşlı, first of all we would like to thank you for your time. TAI had a very efficient 2014.  Could you please briefly evaluate 2014 for our magazine? 

The most significant highlight of 2014 was the fact that TAI’s turnover exceeded 1 billion USD. Becoming a billion dollar company was a threshold for us and we achieved this goal.   These figures stood somewhere between $80-90 million when we embarked on our activities as TAI. We have always been confident in our capacity, yet it was of great importance to us to turn this into a concrete figure to demonstrate vis-a-vis both the sector and our shareholders. A few years ago, we made statements on various platforms regarding TAI’s goal of increasing its turnover to the level of billions in dollars.  Today, we mention 2 billion US dollars for 2020s and 2,5 billion dollars for year 2023. Certainly, before such targets are reached, people adopt a wait-and-see approach. This was the case when the target of 1 billion dollars was set, but we managed to reach it. Therefore, we are pleased in this respect. 2014 was a lucrative year. The realizations in a number of projects were gratifying. I can safely say that as a company, we have had good results this year in commercial terms.