TAI Delivers the First Anka-S UAV Systems to TuRAF

Issue 80 - March 2018

The acceptance tests of the first Anka-S UAV system were successfully completed and 2 UAVs and ground systems were delivered to the Turkish Air Forces Command.  The Anka-S UAV system was developed by TAI and is capable of autonomous flight in day and night conditions, controlled with Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) capability through Satellite links. 

Designed according to international safety standards with the integration of new generation payloads and through national facilities, the Anka-S system takes its place in the inventory as one of the most competent systems of its class in terms of safety and operational capability with its national flight control computer, national air vehicle control computer and the national IFF.

Anka-S Stands out with its Enhanced Capabilities 

The first SATCOM-capable Anka-S systems will contribute significant power to the Turkish Air Forces Command (TurAF) from a strategic aspect. In order to support TurAF operational concepts, the ANKA-S system added new features to existing ANKA platforms. One of the most crucial additions is the Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) capability through Satellite links. Although the ANKA Block-B System can also reach beyond 200 km through Link Relay capabilities, the ANKA-S expands the control coverage further to TURKSAT 4B’s geographical coverage area.  The ANKA-S can be commanded through satellite and land data links such as TAFICS independent of take-off and landing base. The ANKA-S Operation Center can operate six 

UAVs simultaneously via Ku Band satellite links with 10 Mbps bandwidth capacity. The center has ability to store, distribute and backup all the data including videos/images coming from all Anka-S Systems.

In the Anka-S system where information and data security are maximized, all communication is provided by encrypted data transmission while hardware encryption is used in national IFF and radio communication. While the data records are protected by the national encryption solution, Anka-S is made ready for all kinds of negative scenarios and difficulties that may occur at theatre with full redundant automatic take-off and landing systems. 

Regardless of departure airfield, the air vehicle is capable of landing at emergency bases, while in the event of any link loss, the air vehicle will be able to land fully autonomous. The Anka-S systems will also be capable of mission-focused flight with a camera-guided flight mode and fully autonomous flight capabilities.

The Anka-S system will also perform recognition, tracking and marking tasks as well as CSAR missions with the next generation electro optical / infrared camera, and will also provide user air-to-ground / ground-to-ground communication support through radio relay.

Within the scope of the program, the Anka-S project was initiated on October 25th, 2013 catering to the requirements of the Turkish Air Force (TAF). According to the contract signed between SSM and TAI, ten (10) Air Vehicles, twelve (12) Ground Control Stations (GCS) and related ground support equipment are specified within the scope of the project.