TAI Enlarges its Production Area With New Facilities

TAI targets to realize new

Issue 7

Within the frame of C-130 E/B Avionic modernization (Erciyes) program, the C-130 Modernization Hangar, where 13 C-130 transportation aircrafts (seven C -130E and six C-130B), which are in the inventory of Air Forces
Command (Hv.K.K.) will be modernize, the aircrafts will be equipped with multi-purpose task computer and land task planning system, which is compliant with international navigation
needs, modernized with “glass cockpit", having a high motion ability, together with night-vision compliant indicators and illumination systems.
The planes will be made compliant with international aviation rules, their flight safety will be increased, and they will be able to be supported for long years with the modern systems to be attached on them. Within the frame of the program,a work opportunity of 700.000 man hour will be provided in the facility up
to 2012 for 200 staff, comprising of 122 engineers and 60 technicians. It was stated that, with Erciyes program, a significant advantage will be acquired in terms of meeting the modernization needs of various countries
using C-130 transportation aircraft. In the Aircraft /Satellite Assembly and Integration Facility, which launches its operations, all types of production, assembly and integration activities will take place under the scope of various programs and projects such as Boeing,
Sikorsky, and Spirit AeroSystems programs. Pursuant to the agreement signed between TAI and Northrop Grumman in February 2007 within the frame of Joint Strike Flight (JSF – F-35), the
middle body of F-35 aircraft will be manufactured in TUSAS facilities as the single resource in addition to the USA. Taking into account the requirements of the production program of the “middle body”, which is one of the most sophisticated structural main sections
of F-35, which is considered as the last manned war aircraft, TAI has planned an investment plan under the necessity of bringing the existing composite workshop to a level where it could perform advance technology composite production and of improving its capacity in line with demand, and it established the foundation of the construction of “Advanced Technology Composite Production Facility” with an investment of 26 million USD. It was stated that, with the signing of the contract pertinent to the business
package, the investment volume will be calculated after the details are identified,
and for that reason, in the initial phase investments, a strategic approach will be demonstrated taking into account the investment needs for the Middle Body, and that the facility
plans and production table locations are designed so as to enable any capacity increase and expansion due to Middle Body. While the Advanced Technology Composite Production Facility is planned for F-35 at the first place, it is considered that it will create new business
opportunities for TUSAS, takng into account the fact that composite parts are used in all civil and military planes and helicopters. It is planned that the supply and mounting processes of work tables and systems to be provided in the facility, which is planned to be completed by
the end of 2007, as well as building and equipment certifications will be completed by 2008 March, after which the manufacture will be aunched.