Being Turkey?s center of technology in design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems, from fixed and rotary wing air platforms

Tarih: Issue 26 - January 2011

To compensate for the 10 A400M aircraft to be procured by Turkey, TAI undertook structural work share, corresponding to 7.15% of the total work. TAI?s structural work package includes forward-center fuselage, ailerons and spoilers, paratroop doors, emergency exit door, hatches, tail cone, rear fuselage ?section A? upper shell, whereas systems work package, which is 1.26%, comprises lighting and water/waste systems. The A400M is the first international program, in which TAI took place in the design, development, production and after sales support phases.

In addition to A400M program, TAI has been integrating various parts and components, manufactured by German Aerospace companies, into both aircraft and UAV platforms. Some examples are;

UAV engine from Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH, Adjustable pitch propeller from MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH, water/waste system from AOA Avionics Dresden GmbH. Furthermore, TAI has been working with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) located in Germany on Design Organisation Approval and the certification of Primary and Basic Trainer Aircraft (HURKUS), indigenously developed by TAI.

Although TAI does not have a desired level of collaboration with German Aerospace Industries, it is hoped to be developed by means of partnership in new aerospace programs, which will be to the benefit of both countries.