Tank Transporter Vehicle and Semi-Trailers delivered to Turkish Armed Forces at ceremony

The Turkish Armed Forces have gained another capability with the project signed in 2009 and covering the delivery of 46 vehicles in order to address to the Tank Tra

Issue 34 - May 2012


The latest deliveries of 46-vehicle project including one prototype manufactured under the Tank Transporter and Semi-Trailer project carried out by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries being HEMA Industry Inc. as the prime contractor were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces at a ceremony organized at the facilities of HATTAT Holding in Çerkezköy. Mr. Murad BAYAR; the Undersecretary for Defense Industries, Mr. Mehmet HATTAT; President of Board of Directors of HATTAT Holding and HEMA Holding, Mr. ?brahim HATTAT; President of Board of Directors of HEMA Industry Inc., Mr. Koray GÖKALP; General Manager of HEMA Defense Co, officials from the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, military officials, employees of HEMA Holding and press members. HHH

In the opening speech of the ceremony, Mr. Koray GÖKALP; General Manager of HEMA Defense told that they just finished the last delivery lot of 46-vehicle system manufactured under the Tank Transporter and Semi-Trailer project, and that so far they successfully passed more than 150 tests and inspections conducted by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the Turkish Armed Forces. GÖKALP said that these systems are capable of serving at all geographies and terrains of the world and of easily transporting a tank battalion from one end of the country to the other within 24 hours without requiring refueling, and that they are proud of gaining such a system to the Turkish Armed Forces. Mr. GÖKALP continued his speech by also giving information about the stages of the project: ?This project began right here at these facilities with the successful system designs of HEMA engineers; and then we produced these next generation transporters with the participation of our engineer colleagues in Sweden, and engineering groups from our subcontractors. We extend our gratitude to our esteemed subcontractors; SCANIA, DO?U? AUTOMOTIVE Co., ALTINORDU, ALTINÇEK?Ç, METEKSAN TECHNOLOGY Co. for their valuable supports to us.? Stating that HEMA Industry Inc. has invested in numerous projects in defense field, Mr. GÖKALP said that their goal is to be involved in National force group development project, unmanned aerial vehicles force group development project, manufacturing projects of special purpose tactical wheeled armored vehicles and other land platforms as prime contractor.
Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Mr. ?brahim HATTAT; President of Board of Directors of HEMA Industry Inc. told that growth of Turkish defense industry is possible thorough assigning the defense projects to domestic companies to the extent possible. He continued his speech by saying that this project is one of those domestic development project that will greatly contribute to the Turkish defense industry: ?In the past, after unsuccessful attempts to procure from abroad through direct procurement method a few times, today HEMA Tank Transporters meeting all technical and tactical needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command have been offered into service of our Armed Forces as a result of careful and meticulous works carried out by the Undersecretariat by means of Domestic Development model. We have successfully completed the National Tank Transporter project and made the deliveries. Our next target is to offer quality products to the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries by using the state-of-the-art technology and production capability in our Çerkezköy facilities for other products needed by the defense industry as well. Our next goal is to manufacture the Power Packs of national tank project at the Çerkezköy facilities of HEMA and deliver them to the SSM, and we believe that we will perform this project thanks to our 5000 employees at our Çerkezköy facilities and 40 years of experience in industry.?
At his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Mehmet HATTAT; President of Board of Directors of HATTAT and HEMA HOLDING, expressed his happiness during this delivery ceremony, and said that this project is a beginning to act in the defense industry, that from now on their objective is to take in part in projects where they will be able to exhibit their 100% capabilities such as armored vehicles, other armored vehicles carrying weapons, power packs for national tank group, engine and transmission and so on. Mr. HATTAT continued his speech about the tender for power packs of national tank: ?We want to manufacture the power pack, engine, transmission and drivelines of our national tanks, tendered by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and where five companies will participate. Our government, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Prime Minister and ministers made a quite correct decision. 100 % national tank project; we are already involved in this tank project for ten years. We have put ourselves in for the production of power pack tendered by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. We altogether will serve to this nation and to the Turkish Armed Forces before the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries.?
In his speech at the delivery ceremony; Mr. Murad BAYAR; the Undersecretary for Defense Industries told that the duty of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries is to address to the needs of Turkish Armed Forces via domestic industry, that today they have achieved a proud performance in land platforms. Mr. Bayar said ?Today, armored vehicles, land vehicles, all platforms required by the Turkish Armed Forces are being manufactured by our local companies, and we do not seek foreign companies for such needs. Such a situation in our defense needs is possible thanks to the existence strong corporations like HEMA Industry Co.? Mr. BAYAR continued his speech about capabilities gained with TTARs as follows: ?HEMA Industry Co. has manufactured and delivered the National Tank Transporters. Transportation of tanks is of vital importance and these capabilities were rather limited in Turkey. By this project, a very important need has been met for the armed forces by our industry. HEMA has been successful in this project because we, as the SSM, are a tough customer. It is difficult to sell products to the SSM. We are trying to provide the best vehicles and tools to the service of our military and we would like to localize these products to the maximum extent possible.? Informing also about the National Tank project, Mr. Bayar ?ALTAY Tank is about to commence the first trials; we will initiate the drive tests of first prototype within this year. A major missing component in armored vehicles is power pack, engine, transmission, drivelines; we need to cover lack of these components. We manufacture all kinds of armored vehicles, but the entire range of power groups are import; therefore, we have a new project and in this project, we asked our industry to provide national solutions to this issue. HEMA Industry is one of those candidates and I believe that HEMA Industry Co. will make a quite strong proposal for this project because these factories are already manufacturing engines and transmissions. They manufacture thousands of these items; of course for our project, we will demand a power pack for a vehicle class of requiring more of a military standard in higher power class. We want a power pack that belongs to us with all its design, engineering and rights. Now, this must be the objective of this factory. I have the opinion that you will make a power pack for Turkey and I am curious about your proposal,? said. BAYAR also stated that this power group to be designed and manufactured should be used not only for Tanks, but also for other armored vehicles, ships and power plants.
Following the speeches, Mr. Murat Bayar and accompanying officials and people were presented special plaquets on occasion of the ceremony. Later on, the delegation examined the Tank Transporter and Semi-Trailers.


TTAR can climb up 30% inclination by special transmission.

Having 480 horsepower and 70-ton carrying capacity, the loaded weights of these vehicles is 115 tons. These Tank Transporter vehicles realized under the TTAR project are deemed as one of the fastest tank transporters manufactured up to now. These vehicles with a speed of 100 km/h under normal conditions will not exceed 65 km/h thanks to a special system. Moreover, breaking distance of the vehicle, when loaded, is than 8 meters from 35 to 0 km/h.
Having the climbing capability at 30% up-hill inclination thanks to special transmission, these vehicles are also able to move in 20% side slopes. The range of Tank Transport and Semi-Trailer is 1100 km in full load and without refueling. The Tank Transporter and Semi-Trailer is also capable of concurrently carrying 2 APCs (Armored Personnel Carrier).