“TCSG Yaşam” Delivered to the Coast Guard Command

The fourth and final Coast Guard Search & Rescue Ship “TCSG Yaşam” built by Koç Holding’s defence group c

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

Speaking at the ceremony on the delivery of the ship, Koç Holding’s Defence Industry, Other Automotive and Information Technology Group President Kudret Önen indicated that the project was the first warship project realised in a private sector shipyard and that within the project’s coverage ‘Umut,’ ‘Dost,’ and ‘Güven’ ships were delivered in 2013. Önen said, “The final delivery of ‘Dost’ and ‘Umut’ took place. These ships undertook missions of over 1,800 cruise hours in one year. We were very happy to see that during this period no serious problem took place that would worry us. For this reason we are proud of the ships we have built. I have no doubt that ‘Yaşam’ will show the same success and will make us proud. Touching on the superior technical and technological features of the ships, Önen stated that: “These are corvette type ships, 88 metres in length, weigh 1,700 tonnes and can cruise at 22 knots with national command and control software and communication systems that can perform  superior search and rescue operations and can also control water surface and air elements with advanced equipment. Apart from this, they can also accommodate day and night  helicopter landings and takeoffs that are up to 10 tonnes.   

Emphasizing that aside from the superior features of the ships a very important point that Önen underlined was that the technology acquisition and technology transfer was invaluable not only to RMK Marine but also on behalf of the whole sector and stated: “Aside from the construction, integration, testing and delivery with our sub-contractors another of our responsibility was the technology gains from this project. During the project period we carried out technology transfer from design to construction to testing of a corvette type warship with over 100 engineers and technicians thanks to this project. Today our RMK Marine engineers responsible for military projects undertook thousands of hours of domestic and overseas training. We believe that this qualified staff is a tremendous gain for our country and the defence industry. Today at RMK Marine, tomorrow at another company they will use what they have learnt.” Indicating that obtaining a sustainable growth in the defence industry was related to long-term projects, Önen went on to state: “In order take advantage of the competences gained and to further develop them, a responsibility lies with the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. Our aim is the strengthened growth of the sector and obtaining successful results in foreign markets.”