Technology Entrepreneurship Stakeholders Gather in Sapanca Meeting Hosted by METU and ODTÜ Teknokent

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Technology entrepreneurs, investors and key players of the ecosystem met in Sapanca on November 1-2, 2019. At the meeting hosted by ODTÜ Teknokent, success stories were told and "New Ideas New Jobs 2019 (YFYI)" initiatives were introduced. On the other hand, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet other players in the sector. Also YFYI 15th anniversary special event called “Inspiration Weekend” was held. In this way, YFYI entrepreneurs came together with investors and key players in the entrepreneurial eco system. In the two-day program, participants had the opportunity to listen to the special content such as inspirational speeches, investor conversations and views of YFYI graduates on entrepreneurship.

On the first day of the event, guest speakers delivered their speeches and entrepreneurship related topics were discussed through interactive presentations by leading people of the sector. YFYI Demo Day was held for the first time at the Inspiration Weekend.

24 entrepreneurs taking part in YFYI Acceleration Program, which supported both entrepreneurs in idea stage and startups in need of commercialization support, made their presentations on Demo Day in the morning of November 2, the second day. Entrepreneurs that came together with YFYI business partners and investors during two days had the opportunity to meet their first customers and make investment talks by taking advantage of the YFYI wide network.

Serdar ALEMDAR, ODTÜ Teknokent President/CEO, talked about the plans of ODTÜ Teknokent for the year 2020 and stated that they would introduce the B2B commercialization program for entrepreneurs trying to reach their corporate customers, B2G commercialization program that supervises the sales through the state channel and LabdaKuluçka program for the development and commercialization of cutting edge R&D business ideas and that supports TÜBİTAK BİGG process.

Ahmet YOZGATLIGİL, Vice Rector of METU and Acting Chairman of ODTÜ Teknokent underlined the leading role of METU in the field of technology-based entrepreneurship and said, “With the vision of our rector Prof. Mustafa Verşan KÖK, our university has been the most prominent university among the universities in our country within the last three years in the field of entrepreneurship, research and university-industry cooperation.”

On the last day of the event, "Jeans-Only Gala and Award Ceremony" was held. The name of the gala was an emphasis to the world of entrepreneurship not in a tie and suit but with different thinking patterns. At the gala, cash awards provided by YFYI partners and in-kind support awards designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs were presented. The EarFit initiative, which focuses on health technologies from companies introducing its initiatives in Demo Day, received TL 50.000-award from Elginkan Foundation, while the Powder Tech team introducing material technology initiatives in Defense Industry awarded by TL 50 thousand from Elginkan Foundation and TL 20.000-award presented by Orhan AYDIN, President of OSTİM. The UlakFin initiative that focuses on financial technologies received TL 15.000 from Tüpraş, while the Fado initiative which aims to earn money to its users by watching ads received TL 25.000 from TEB within the scope of the event. The Solar Roof Track initiative, which generates electricity from solar energy, was presented an award of TL 25.000 by Elder and Energy Market Regulatory Authority. Another award at an amount of TL 25.000 given by Elder and the Energy Market Regulatory Authority was to the Volte. The Tvoystol.ru initiative, which offers Russia-specific solutions, received and advertising support from Onedio at an amount of TL 50.000 and TL 20.000 worth shopping prize from ePttAVM. The Renty initiative, which allows easy and quick product leases at an affordable price, received Onedio's TL 50.000 worth of advertising support. Another award received by Renty was ePttAVM's shopping prize worth TL 20.000. The Persona initiative, which aims to reduce employee turnover due to employee dissatisfaction, also received Onedio's TL 50.000 worth of advertising support award. At the ceremony, YFYI entrepreneurs were also informed that they have offices at ODTÜ Teknokent business incubation center. 

YFYI Program

New Ideas New Jobs (YFYI) Acceleration Program in cooperation with METU and ODTÜ Teknokent aims to promote and support technology-based entrepreneurship. This program provides a suitable environment for students and new graduates with innovative and technology-based business ideas to realize their ideas and support them to become successful business people.

The project owners that were evaluated in the acceleration program of the YFYI initiative and deemed successful will participate in the trainings covering various different topics until the Demo Day. They also receive intensive mentoring support within the scope of the YFYI acceleration program.