TEI – AYESAŞ Cooperation Agreement

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019 Güncelleme: December 23, 2019

TEI - TUSAS Engine Industries Inc., Turkey's leading company in the field of aviation engines signed a cooperation agreement with AYESAŞ, a leading supplier of critical systems in the defense and aerospace industry for the development of Digital Engine Control System (DECS).

President and CEO of TEI Prof. Mahmut Faruk AKŞİT and AYESAŞ General Manager Öner TEKİN, as well as senior executives, and officials from the Presidency of Defense Industries attended the signing ceremony held at TEI Headquarters in Eskişehir.

DECS, as a whole system, consists of the platform and interface, as well as the system that enables the efficient operation of the engine by sending commands to the actuators in line with the information received from the sensors and commands from the users, and involves the control and health functions of the engine.  This system will reduce foreign dependency in the production of aviation engines, and it will be developed for the first time with national resources. DECS, the design, equipping and manufacturing of which will be developed by AYESAŞ, is a critical component of the Turboshaft Engine Development Project.