TEI Delivers the 50th T700-TEI-701D Engine

Tarih: Issue 111 - December 2021

November 26, 2021 - Acceptance tests of the fiftieth T700-TEI-701D engine manufactured by TEI within the framework of the Utility Helicopter Program conducted by the Presidency of Defense Industries for fulfilling Turkey’s Utility Helicopter demands with indigenous resources were accomplished successfully. The related tests were conducted by TUSAŞ.

Chairman and CEO of TEI Prof. Mahmut F. AKŞİT informed the participants in the 50th engine’s delivery ceremony on the activities conducted and stated that they manufactured 63 T700-TEI-701D engines which are Turkey’s first indigenously produced helicopter engines and that they continued to deliver those with completed tests. Underlining that they are delighted to deliver the 50th helicopter engine with completed tests, AKŞİT shared that the T700-TEI-701D engines manufactured by TEI have a critical place in the T700 engine group and added, “We have achieved 60 hp more than in the previous version that is presently being used in our country’s inventory.”