TEI Entitled to the NADCAP Accreditation

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

The characteristics of the materials utilized in aerospace engines should be known precisely and this information should be reliable so that they could be used in design analysis. Therefore, the laboratories in which the material data is acquired would inevitably have to function in line with the international standards and they must be accredited. For this very reason, TEI Material Test and Research Laboratory was established within the structure of the Design Engineering Directorate in 2014 at TEI.

 As of May 2016, TEI Material Test and Research Laboratory was entitled to the NADCAP accreditation with 18 months of duration which is recognized by all aerospace industry authorities and directed by PRI (Performance Review Institute). TEI previously remained within the top 10 amongst 3672 NADCAP accredited companies with its 8 different special process groups and with the help of this accreditation, it ranked amongst the first 5 companies in the world with its 9 different special process group accreditation.