TEI in DSA with its advanced engine technology

TEI, a worldwide producer of exceptionally high quality aircraft engines and services

Issue 11 - June 2008

. Just before DSA 2008, The genuine turboprop engine, TEI-TP-1X, developed by TEI has successfully accomplished its first test flight on April 4th, 2008 at TAI facilities. TEI-TP-1X has been designed by TEI engineers by the utilization of state-of-art technological methods and has been produced by the manufacturing Technologies. TEI-TP-1X engine has 90 lb thrust and propeller circulation goes up to 6500. TEI-TP-1X for unmanned aerial vehicles has been successfully tested on the genuine Target Drone Turna designed by TAI and the engine used on Turna aircraft has gained a native product identity. Moreover TEI is one of the team player of significant global projects such as JSF F136 Engine Project, A400M Aircraft TP400-D6 Engine Project. TEI has also been carrying on its studies on Attack and Turkish Armed Forces Helicopters’ Engine Projects. Within the light of these achievements, TEI had fruitful meetings with VIP delegates including Air Force Commander of Cambodia, Air force Commander of Korea and aerospace companies in the region at DSA. It is seen that
TEI will get its share from the aviation market in the region.