TEI’s TJ-300 Engine to Power Roketsan’s Medium Range Anti-Ship Guided Munition!

Tarih: Issue 100 - August 2020

The TJ-300 Turbojet Engine, of which first ignition was realized at the Miniature Jet Engine Test Rig at TEI’s premises on June 19, 2020 with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK, will power Turkey’s first Medium Range Anti-Ship Guided Munition (G/M). With a power output of 1.300N (around 400hp) the TJ-300 Turbojet Engine is able to reach Mach 0.9 at 5.000ft altitude and thanks to its compact design has an outer diameter of 240mm and weighs less than 30kg. According to TEI, the TJ-300 is the first turbojet engine able to generate a thrust of 1300N and weight less than 30kg. TEI has been working on the TJ-300 engine for the last 28 months.

Totally designed and developed locally with national means in cooperation with TUBITAK, TEI and Roketsan the TJ-300 engine is a single-shaft axial-flow type turbojet engine consisting of a 4-stage axial compressor and a fixed outlet nozzle. According to information disclosed during the ceremony the TJ-300 Turbojet Engine also has the capacity of powering a high-speed jet-powered UAV weighing 1.300kg.