TEI to Train Engineers of the Future

Issue 86 - November 2018

A cooperation agreement was signed between TEI and Gebze Technical University in a ceremony held at the Eskişehir campus of TEI on September 24th. According to the agreement, 3rd and 4th year students in the departments of Material Science and Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Gebze Technical University and who meet the required criteria will be admitted to the long-term internship program in TEI. TEI Chairman Temel KOTIL, TEI President and CEO Mahmut F. AKŞIT, Rector of Gebze Technical University Prof. Muhammet Hasan ASLAN and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Bülent AKBAŞ attended the ceremony and it was conveyed that the aim of the project is to synthesize the theoretical knowledge acquired by the young engineer candidates in the university with the experience they will get from TEI engineers and to transfer them into practice in order to contribute to our country’s defense and aviation/aerospace sector.