TEI Wins the Best Supplier Award Awarded as the World’s Best Two Years in a Row

Tarih: Issue 86 - November 2018

TEI - TUSAŞ Engine Industries, Inc. was deemed worthy of the Best Supplier Award for the numerous different parts it has been manufacturing with high quality for the most preferred CFM56 and LEAP engine programs, the competitive prices it has been offering and the timely deliveries it has accomplished.

TEI President and CEO Prof. Mahmut F. AKŞİT received the award on behalf of TEI at the “2018 CFM Global Supplier Symposium Asia” organization held in Shanghai by GE Aviation and SAFRAN Aircraft Engines.  The worldwide engine suppliers of the program attended the event. Stating that the award has been a source of pride, AKŞİT thanked all of the company’s employees who have been contributing to TEI’s achievement for two consecutive years. TEI was also awarded last year as the best worldwide LEAP supplier and received the award at the Paris Airshow.