Tekno Kauçuk – Turkey’s Defense Industry Leader in Vibration and Shock Isolator Components

Tekno Kauçuk’s R&D Group Leader Mr. Volkan Ertem discusses the company’s specialized competency in Shock and Vibration, their state of the art facilities meeting customer requirements as a solution partner, and their plans to conduct activities as an R&D center in 2018. With 50 years of experience, the company incorporates rubber manufacturing and engineering solutions with test services at their facilities which have become a source of national pride through their concentration on design, innovation and creativeness

Tarih: Issue 77 - September 2017

Defence Turkey: Tekno Kauçuk has been providing solutions for the Automotive, Domestic Appliances and Defense Industry with a comprehensive product portfolio and services at your facilities in Gebze, Düzce, and Manisa. Within this context, could please you inform us about your facility, human resources, R&D infrastructure, product range, design and engineering capabilities?

Our company started manufacturing various rubber products under the brand name Doğan Lastik in 1959 at 4. Levent district in Istanbul, then in 1997 it moved to its 17,500 m2 new location at Gebze Organized Industrial Zone and launched its specialization process on certain products in 2001 along with a restructuring process under the name of Tekno Kauçuk. Our company continued its growth with the addition of our facilities in Manisa in 2011 serving the Domestic Appliances sector and with the opening of our Diaphragm Product Group facilities within the TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone serving the Heavy Vehicles group. Moreover, manufacturing of the two different product groups continue in two different plants in Mexico.