Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster – TSSK

  Burcu Uslu  Özdemir TSSK  Cluster Manager TSSK Executive Board Member and   Secretary General

Tarih: Issue 44 - May 2013


In the light of SSM’s (Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, Turkey) new strategic plan for 2012-2016, one of the primary strategic goals is to provide high level competency in defence and security technologies to Turkish Armed Forces that will enable the forces to be ready for battlefield conditions of the future. In order to achieve this strategic purpose, it is imperative that we should focus on establishing and expanding a high technology base to generate added value in high technology for Turkish defence sector. Another strategic goal of the new strategy is to increase the level of contribution of SMEs, R&D institutions and universities to Turkish defence industry to achieve a sustainably spread technological base spread. To this end, SSM and Turkish Armed Forces have initiated various native product development and modernization programs defence sectors.