Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK) is organizing the Third Annual ‘Project Market Day’ event to be held January 2016

As the concept of clustering among the industry players is evolving in the world, various successful clustering activities are also being

Tarih: Issue 64 - November 2015

Defence Turkey: Mr. Ünal, can you give us some information about the history and main purpose of TSSK? 

Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK) was established in 2010 among the defence, aerospace and security companies at the Middle East Technical University Technology Park (ODTU Teknokent) and in the beginning and it became a common platform for all the companies operating in defense, aerospace & security and also placed in all technoparks in Ankara, not just at ODTU Teknokent. As of now, TSSK hosts 93 defence, aerospace &security companies doing R&D and product development. These companies have complementary vertical expertise that provides added value to each other’s capabilities and are developing new technology products and services for defence, aerospace & security.