Teknopark Istanbul Prepping for the Establishment of Turkey`s first Cyber Security Incubation Center

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

Teknopark Istanbul is the Turkish defense industry’s innovation center and it is getting ready to host Turkey's first Cyber Security Incubation Center. The center, which will host initiatives conducting studies on deep technology based cyber security ideas, is expected to become operational in 2021. Over TL 70 million has been invested for the Cyber Security Incubation Center to be established in an area that will span 2,000 square meters in the Cube Incubation building, which is under construction within the scope of the 3rd Stage buildings of Teknopark Istanbul. The center will host entrepreneurs operating in the field of cyber security.  They will focus on the objective of developing technology  to support 15 initiatives that are focused on doing business internationally within a period of 6 months and a total of 30 initiatives annually. In the center, entrepreneur and entrepreneur groups will be able to benefit from opportunities such as office, online/offline training, mentoring, laboratory, clean room infrastructure and technical consultancy for free or at a very low cost.

Cyber security is a crucial area across the globe. Looking at the statistics, there is an attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day. According to these rates, the need for cyber security experts has increased worldwide by 700% during the period of 2016 and 2019. Again, according to research Turkey is the 5th most cyberattacked country in the world. All such figures necessitate that our country has to develop its own cyber response system. In order to achieve this, indigenous ideas need to be developed and supported. Teknopark Istanbul will focus on  efforts to overcome such cyberattacks against our country with domestic solutions at the new cyber security Incubation Center.

Indigenous Cyber Security Ideas will be Supported Attentively 

Bilal Topçu, General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul said, “We take responsibility for our country by transferring the knowhow in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to the cyber security ecosystem. Cyber security has been dealt with as an issue in public policies of many countries and there are very effective models of the center that we will establish here as well, they are seen in countries such as UK, Israel, Singapore and Estonia. Though there are 70 start-ups working in the field of cyber security in Turkey, only 5 of them are registered in the global database. The amount of investment made to entrepreneurs in the field of cyber security around the world exceeded US$ 7 billion as of 2019, whereas in our country the investment in 2019 amounted to around US$ 102 million. It can easily be seen that the investment amount in Turkey is less-than-ideal on a global scale. In this center, we will host entrepreneurs that have brand new ideas that will realize indigenous and national projects to contribute to minimizing the impact of cyberattacks against our country. We will offer our entrepreneurs training and mentoring opportunities, at no cost, on business plan preparation, successful presentation techniques, marketing and finance. Furthermore, free of charge consultancy services will be available for our entrepreneurs in accessing the financial support that they need and they will be advised on how to expand their business by benefiting from investor meetings.”