Thales Raytheon Systems launches CybAIR RadBox, an Innovative Solution to Shield Air Surveillance Radars from Cyber Attack

Issue 45 - August 2013

Thales Raytheon Systems has launched CybAIR RadBox, an innovative system to protect air surveillance radars against cyber attack and detect intrusions that could disrupt air operations. Co-located with the radar, CybAIR RadBox is designed for both civil and military airspace surveillance systems.

This system monitors operational data, alerts the user if the radar behaves abnormally, performs technical and operational supervision roles and enables operators to visualize the operational consequences of a cyber attack. It can detect any kind of cyber attack, including zero-day incursions that exploit an unknown vulnerability in the system, and insider assault on a protected network. A full range of services and tools are available to update protections, train users and conduct investigations during and after an attack. CybAIR RadBox complements conventional system and network protection solutions and is fully interoperable with operational security